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At Weldon, Huston & Keyser, our attorneys evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each case so that each client derives the benefit of our legal experience.  We are attorneys who listen to our clients to understand their legal concerns.  We provide our clients with the practical advice and care that they need and deserve.  We handle each of the following types of cases:

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Business law

Taxable liabilities and personal risks flow from the legal choices you make on a day-to-day basis, even while operating, growing and expanding your business.  The attorneys of Weldon, Huston & Keyser advise clients on matters related to:

  • Business formation, including sole proprietorships, limited liability partnerships (LLP), limited liability companies (LLCs), closely held businesses, S corporations, C corporations
  • Corporations, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), commercial litigation, corporate transactions
  • Employment contracts, including noncompete agreements, nondisclosure agreements, confidentiality clauses, employment policy handbooks

Civil law and litigation

Civil litigation is governed by strict rules of civil procedure.  Filing deadlines and notice requirements are initial hurdles that must be overcome in order to get to the substantive legal issues at hand.  The attorneys at Weldon, Huston & Keyser handle a broad range of civil litigation, including but not limited to:

  • Consumer law and litigation, including false advertising, scams, fraud, misrepresentation, small claims
  • Healthcare law, including Medicare, Medicaid, malpractice

Criminal defense

Facing criminal charges is scary, but the attorneys at Weldon, Huston & Keyser are here to help.  We often work with local prosecutors who may be able to help you obtain a reduced sentence through a plea deal.  We also advocate for defendants at trial, where we work hard to prove the client’s innocence.  The scope of our criminal practice encompasses:

  • Driving offenses, including driving under the influence, vehicular manslaughter and driving on a suspended license
  • Drug crime, including use, possession, distribution, narcotics charges and school zone violations
  • Street crime, including assault, battery, burglary, larceny, auto theft
  • Trespass crimes, including flag burning, destruction of property
  • White-collar crime, including embezzlement, larceny, mail fraud, wire fraud

Estate planning and administration

Contemplating issues of death or incapacitation is difficult for most people.  It poses many questions: Where will children go?  How should assets be distributed among heirs?  Who should be the successor to a business?  Wills, trusts and estates are legal documents that help you to make many of the final decisions about your life and legacy.  At Weldon, Huston & Keyser, we offer legal services associated with:

  • Estate planning, including wills, trusts, estates, powers of attorney, medical directives
  • Estate administration (probate, beneficiary representation, executor representation, trusteeship

Elder law

Elder Law is the area of law which impacts on the lives of older Americans and their families. Elder law encompasses elder care planning issues, such as access to the appropriate type of medical and personal care, coordinating private and public resources to finance the cost of care, income assistance benefits, taxation, conservatorship, general estate planning, estate and trust administration issues (e.g., wills, trusts, and probate), counseling and planning for incapacity with medical directives, advanced directives and other alternative decision-making documents, as well as for possible long-term care planning issues, including home health care, nursing home care, hospice and respite care.

Family law

In no other area of law as with family law is it as important to hire an attorney.  Family law matters have reverberating impact over the course of your entire future.  Resolution is important to the attorneys at Weldon, Huston & Keyser, where we handle family law matters including:

  • Adoptions, including termination of parental rights, open adoption, closed adoption, surrogacy, birth-parent, stepparent, grandparent and foster parent representation
  • Divorce, including child support, custody, visitation, alimony, remarriage, relocation, job loss, collections, arrears
  • Guardianship, including temporary and permanent physical and legal custody, support, collections, arrears
  • Juvenile law, including delinquency and emancipation

Insurance law

Risk assessments are a commonplace part of insurance practice.  Insurance companies limit the scope of coverage.  Policyholders may be surprised that certain types of accidents or events are not covered by their policies.  Others may be annoyed at unfair claims delays or denials.  At Weldon, Huston & Keyser, we assist our clients with insurance claims and litigation relating to:

  • Insurance bad faith
  • Insurance delays
  • Insurance claims denials
  • Matters typical to medical insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, homeowners insurance, fire insurance, liability insurance, business interruption insurance or ERISA claims

Labor and employment law

Unionizing workplaces require employers and employees to work through stand-stills while re-evaluating current policies and making appropriate adjustments.  Attorneys at Weldon, Huston & Keyser offer dedicated legal counsel to union and corporate clients in matters relating to:

  • Renegotiation involving collective bargaining agreements, grievance arbitration
  • Employment policies involving affirmative action plans, employee relations counseling, ERISA litigation
  • Employee actions, including executive compensation, qui tam whistle-blower actions, discrimination and harassment, wrongful termination

Personal injury

Getting hurt is difficult enough without having to fight the liable party and their insurance company for assistance with medical expenses, repair bills and income loss resulting from missed days of work.  The attorneys at Weldon, Huston & Keyser accept personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis.  There is no upfront cost to you and we only get paid if we win you a settlement or money judgment.  The scope of our practice encompasses:

  • Auto accidents involving cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, tractor-trailers and big rigs
  • Products liability involving manufacturing defects, retail tampering and improper storage
  • Premises liability involving slip and fall, animal maulings and dog bites
  • Traumatic injury claims involving spinal cord injury, paraplegia, quadriplegia, tetraplegia, brain damage, concussions, amnesia and impaired judgment
  • Wrongful death involving widow representation, widower representation, surviving spouse representation and child representation

Real estate

Purchasing real estate involves an intensive financial investment.  Developers, investors and homeowners all rely on banks and other investors to front them the cash to complete the purchase.  Attorneys at Weldon, Huston & Keyser are called in to assist with real estate issues including:

  • Foreclosures involving loan default, collections, clear title and mortgages
  • Landlord-tenant law involving rental units, leases, warranties of fitness and warranties of habitability

Workers compensation defense

The workers compensation system is unique because the government plays a role in the employer-employee relationship.  By purchasing workers compensation insurance through the government, the employer is indemnified from injuries to employees that occur on the job.  Employees, when they accept an offer of employment, waive their right to sue the employer in exchange for the promise that workers compensation will pay for any and all injuries, regardless of whether the employee was at fault in the accident.  The attorneys at Weldon, Huston & Keyser offer their services in defense of employers.


Our firm is experienced and well equipped to handle all phases of pre-litigation collection, litigation, and post-judgment recovery. We invite you to call or contact us with questions about your unpaid accounts or unpaid debt obligations.

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